Our editorial policy - a view from the edge of the IT empowered paradigm:

Standing at the edge of the world, technologies spin out over the void. Even as some plunge and tumble into the abyss, still others surge upward as bridges to the dizzying heights of a world that is new. A fourth dimension stretches this world beyond the petty scope of the sphere. Its borders speed out of reach into the unexplored extremities of a long tail that caters to 6.5 billion segments of one.

We hope to cast some pebbles into the void. Some will fall, some will fly and others just float along. Are these stepping stones to the new world, or are the stepping stones themselves the new world, networked island niches in their billions, evolving faster than they can know? Where are we building bridges to a new paradigm, and where are we merely destroying bridges to the old?

Or maybe this strutting and fretting about New Worlds will just roll on tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing; it wouldn't be the first time. Offering answers isn't what we're about, but by offering some dots, we're hoping you'll have fun with us guessing at how they might most interestingly be joined.

We aim to write articles that interest us from our frail human point of view not a machine’s. To pass our own comment and not merely point out other articles that can be found elsewhere. In a sense we are four people sailing our course into the new paradigm though our blog, and we invite you to comment with equal verve.

We are not about volume of visits, or number of comments signed anon, from strangers with no real interest to add or insight to offer. But we strongly encourage you to register, comment and discuss the issues we raise and raise your own, as we look to increase our understanding of what the new paradigm will look like, how it will impact the things we care about and if indeed it will be a new paradigm. We believe that by engaging in and discussing what the future will look like is to shape our own.

For those who disagree that the world is changing, the following video may inspire a re-evaluation of your position:
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